How To Do Finals Week

Oops, I might be a little late for some of you but here goes nothing


  1. Don’t overdo the caffeine.  I know it’s tempting to drink just one little 5 Hour Energy, but ice water is a healthier and just as effective.
  2. That being said, avoid all-nighters if at all possible.
  3. Flashcards are your friends.
  4. If you’re in a time crunch to study, ask your teacher for their powerpoints from lecture.  They really can be lifesavers.
  5. If you’re going to study with friends, study with a small group of responsible friends.  By responsible, I mean a group where no party would feel uncomfortable telling another to shut up.
  6. Use lemon.  You can add some to the ice water I mentioned, dab some lemon juice on your wrists, or use a naturally scented lemon lotion, but any of these can help improve memory and mental clarity.
  7. If your teacher allows notes during the test, don’t use the limit.  For example, my professor allows 4 pages one-sided or 2 double-sided but it would be a good idea for me to only use 2 and a half pages one-sided so that I don’t have to hunt for answers.

During the test

  1. Use more lemon.  This triggers your scent memory from when you were studying, helping you to remember information more easily.
  2. Always do the bonus questions.
  3. Fill in the Scantron as you go, you need to use your time efficiently.
  4. If you’re not sure about an answer, come back to it, just make sure your “come back to this” mark is really obvious.
  5. Make sure the answer you meant to put matches your Scantron.
  6. I shouldn’t have to say this, but don’t cheat.

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