The Feminist Killjoy Gift Guide

The Belle Jar

Shopping for that special feminist someone in your life? Or maybe just looking to gift something to yourself because no one else is going to get you what you really want? Or maybe you’re just looking to support some awesome indie artists this holiday season. Whatever it is you’re here for, we’ve got you covered!

1. “This Princess Saves Herself” Necklace

Perfect for the man-hating video game aficionado in your life! Fuck waiting around for Mario, slay Bowser yourself like the bad-ass bitch you are.


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2. “I Woke Up Like This” Tank Top

Channel your inner Beyoncé with this Instagram-worthy shirt. Because you are flawless, like a diamond! Although let’s be real no one else is quite as flawless as Queen Bey.


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3. Pronoun Patches

Do some of the people in your life need a reminder of what your pronouns are? Would you…

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Why America Needs More Diversity in Media

America is one of the top 100 most culturally diverse countries in the world, but you’d never guess this from consuming our media. The American media disproportionately represents white men while not even giving minority actors the chance to play the lead. Even groups that are only minorities in the way they are treated but actually make up the majority of our country, such as women, are heavily underrepresented. The fact is that the media―whether it be television or movies—does not depict the United States’ level of diversity accurately.

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Race ya.

I did these calculations just now on my 203 Facebook friends and I came up with 80% white. I didn’t count my Jewish friends because I’m not completely sure if they’re considered white or not; Tumblr says not, but, yanno, it’s Tumblr. I went to two high schools and those were the top 2 most diverse high schools in the district, so that’s probably why I’m below the national average.